About The Court

What does a Justice of the Peace Do?

It’s a major job! It’s many different courts in one. It’s a Civil court, it’s a Criminal court, a traffic court, a juvenile court, it’s an eviction court, it’s a magistrate, a truancy court and an Administrative court.

Jury trials and bench trials are held on small claims civil matters up to $10,000 in damages in cases such as car crashes, credit card debts, faulty repairs and breached contracts. Jury trials and bench trials are also held on Criminal Class C misdemeanor violations (i.e. assault, theft, criminal mischief) and Traffic Code violations (i.e. speeding tickets, running stop lights). Juvenile criminal violations are prosecuted such as curfew violations and underage drinking; Landlords and Tenants argue for possession concerning evictions. There are also Show Cause hearings, arraignments, magistration and setting bail for prisoners; possession is decided for property seized by the HCSO, arrest and search warrants are issued, illegal weapons are ordered held, and there are pre-trial hearings on various motions to compel, Motions for sanctions and to dismiss as well as for default judgments to be entered. Occupational drivers licenses are granted or denied, the rightfull possession of law enforcement seized vehicles is decided, dangerous dogs hearings are held and couples in love are married – all at the court run by your neighborhood Justice of the Peace!

No Other Courts in Texas handle as many different matters as you local Justice of the Peace. That’s why it’s so important your Judge has years of practical legal experience and studies so that they know and understand the laws on all these matters and rule correctly and in accordance with the Laws and Rules as written and codified.

Efficiency in Government

As you can see, Precinct 5, Place 2 has a lot to do, and it is one of the busiest courts in Texas, with approximately 9,000 new cases filed monthly. The demand for its services are huge and growing, placing enormous strains on the courts ability to speedily handle all the cases before it. Judge Williams has worked long and hard to reduce the docket size and backlog so that citizens don’t have to face standing room only, parking nightmares, and long lines throughout the working day.

The Judge works daily from 8:00 am to 6 pm. Dockets have been added and rearranged to reduce the waiting time for not only litigants, but attorneys, law officers and the staff as well. This rearrangment has reduced the overcrowded court room and parking problems. The Judge had the courtroom itself modified so that computers and staff could be at his side increasing the efficiency of the process of moving cases along. Dedicated windows have been numbered and set aside speficially for attorneys, for defendants who need to see the District Attorney and for those coming in for weddings. More jury trials are heard and security cameras have been installed. Even infrastructure to help the staff has been instituted such as more supervisors, a water cooler, a refrigerator and a more equal distribution of the work load has been devised.

Judge Jeff Williams will continue to work hard to insure you are given the speedy hearing and the efficient justice you’re entitled to. He has improved infrastructure and overcrowding as best as the county and budget will allow; and has more efficiently managed the court so you have the access to justice that is your constitutional right.

Our Children

Education for our children is vital to their future and Judge Williams is committed to making sure our kids stay in school and graduate. As a Justice of the Peace, he presides over many truancy, school disruption and underage possession of alcohol or tobacco cases. The Judge takes a firm yet benevolent stand with these young people. He let’s them know that there’s not only a fine and inconvenience involved here, but that they risk suffering a very bleak and poor future if they don’t go back to school and graduate. These juveniles are warned that they could be the future homeless person that they see begging in the hot sun on a street corner for lack of a job for lack of a diploma and having a bad attitude. The Judge sends them to Anger management classes, better decision making classes and alcohol awarness classes as needed. They are also sent to mandatory counseling with social workers, that they must take and pass drug test, and thereby gives them the chance to get their cases dismissed if they’ll only go back to school and be a good student for 90 days with no unexcused absences, tardies or new violations. Judge Williams’s goal is not to simply punish, but to get those wayward youths back behind their school desk and learning to be productive and law abiding tax paying future citizens of Harris County.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The Justice of the Peace courts have exclusive jurisdiction over eviction cases. A landlords ability to recover possession of an apartment from a non-paying tenant, and a tenant’s right to his home or obtain re-entry if wrongfully locked out, are of paramount importance to both the landlords bottom line, and the tenant’s ability to have a safe place to live. Judge Williams pledges to strictly follow the law in these matters, ensuring that the rights of each party are considered and justice is done.

Qualified and Experienced

With JP court 5/2 being one of the busiest court in Harris County and the entire State of Texas; it is imperative that theJudge be experienced and trained in the law. You want the Judge presiding over your case to have a solid understanding of civil and criminal procedure; the rules of evidence; the laws of contracts, negligence, traffic, truancy and landlord tenant matters, as well as the many other legal problems that come before the court on a daily basis. That knowledge and experience assures you that your Judge will rule in your favor when the law is on your side. You don’t want your Judge guessing about what the law is, or should be, or making decisions based upon his or her personal feelings or likes and dislikes. Further, a deep respect for the Constitution, fairness and equal treatment under the law to all the citizens of Precinct 5, and the stewardship of your tax dollars, are all paramount to the success of a Justice of the Peace.

That’s what you have in Judge Jeff Williams, and why we need to re-elect him.

The court faces many important issues and requires a conservative, independent jurist in charge to deliver the fair and speedy justice to which you are entitled.

The Justice of the Peace hears hundreds of civil and criminal matters each month, and is expected to make a decision on the spot and in accordance with the existing law. Judge Williams is a law school graduate, and was a practicing attorney with 28 years of experience as a legal problem solver practicing before the civil courts of Harris County and has now been your JP since January of 2011. He has the qualifications and experience you require of a Judge.

Judge Williams provides the predicability you want in court, and renders fair impartial legal decisions made pursuant to the law and not personal “feelings”. If you want the person with the most legal education and experience to rule on your case when it’s your day in court, then a vote to reelect Judge Jeff Williams will serve you well.

“I ask for your vote, your support, and I thank you for them both!”


Judge Jeff Williams
Harris County Justice of the Peace, Pct 5, Place 2.