I am honored to have been endorsed and supported by many conservative leaders, organizations, and fellow Texans over the past several years. The following are just a few of those supporters. Note that a past supporter is not necessarily a current one.   To add your name to the list below, join our team today.


United Republicans of Harris County

The “C” Club of Houston

Houston Realty Business Coalition (HRBC)

Houston Apartment Association (HAA)

David M. Wilson, (Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party and Pct 0923 Chairman)  

Oliver Pennington, City of Houston Councilman, District G.

Spring Branch Republicans

Harris County Courtroom Observers

Fred S. Zeidman, businessman, philanthropist, Vice Chair Republican Jewish Coalition; Chairman of the US Holocaust Memorial Council; Board Member University of Texas Health Science Center

Conservative Coalition of Harris County

Bert Keller, former City Councilman

Bill Callegari, PE, State Representative, District 132, Texas House of Representatives.

Jack O’Conner, former mayoral candidate and Republican Nominee for Texas House of Representatives, District 149.

Association of Women Attorneys

Mexican American Bar Association of Houston (MABAH)

Pasadena Bar Association

Jewish Herald Voice

Heritage Alliance PAC, Grade of “A” for conservative social and economic issues

Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League

Stuart Mayper, Pct Chairman 492

Jim McSpadden, Pct Chairman 727

Mary K. Maxwell, Pct Chairman 483

Tom Zakes, former Pct Chairman 586 and former President Downtown Houston Pachyderms

Robert Westover, Pct Chairman 563

Larry Pound, Pct Chairman 356

Becky Flowers, Pct Chairman 771

David Howell, Pct Chairman 303

Russell Rush, Pct Chairman 155

Arthur Peterson, Pct Chairman 335

Betty Avery, Pct Chairman 398

Richard Feiden, Pct Chairman 800

Sandy Steffes, Pct Chairman 395

Elizabeth Phillips, Pct Chairman 667

Helena Brown, Past City of Houston Council Member

Bill Kneer, Pct. Chairman 593

Christine Howard, Pct Chairman 510

Kelly Horsley, Pct Chairman 877

Bill Leary, former Scoutmaster, BSA

Eugene Brennan, former Scoutmaster, BSA

Walter Suhr, Band Leader for Mango Punch.

Gary Wander, Realtor

Walter S. Goff, Current Board Member of COH TIRZ #1 and PID #1, last Director & Past VP of The Saint George Place Civic Association

Norman E. Adams, Adams Insurance Service

Mary Jane Smith, the MSJ Group, Consultants.

Alvin Walker, Political Activist.

Debra and Tom Hollingshead

Susan and Ed Robinson

Kathy and Don VonBorstel

Mark Langer

Vernon Caldera

Donna and Donnie Campbell

Michelle Feagin, former Troop Committee Chair

Elliott Bradshaw, US Navy Ret’d

Andrea and Roger Hyde

Scott Sperling, HOA President

Keith McGraw SSG, TXSG

Vern Wuensche, President Legal Reform Now!

Michael and Sheila Hutchings

Jeff Ogilvie, Geophysicist

Keith Karnoski, ASM

Fernando and Elvia Garnica

Tom Barrett, Engineer

Kathlene Seeby, former Troop Committee Chair

Colin Eddington, Registered Financial Rep

Disa Lyon, BSA Troop Committee Chair

Joel Roger, Cubmaster

Robert Hoff

Sharron A. Maler, Attorney

Harold L. Ogden, Attorney

Pete Cruz, P. Engineer

Cynthia Owens, Attorney at Law; Past President Harris County Municipal Justice Bar Assocn.

Kameron Searle, Attorney at Law

Howard Bookstaff, Attorney at Law

Winner; Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action, 2014 Straw poll with 98% of the vote.

Winner;   Katy Bar Association Judicial Preference Poll, 2014

Winner;   Houston Bar Association Judicial Preference Poll, most qualified, 2014.

*Note:  Preference Polls are votes cast by individual members. and are not considered an endorsement by the organization itself.